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Children's aid organisation Terre des Hommes is passionately dedicated to stopping child exploitation in developing countries, taking a goal and result-oriented approach. For this reason, Terre des Hommes supports nearly three hundred projects, which are developed, established and implemented by local project partners. This means that the projects can be geared closely to the practical requirements of the local population.

The four regional offices in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Bolivia are responsible for directly supervising the projects and help the project partners improve their professionalism. Additionally, Terre des Hommes pursues a children's rights campaign at national and international level consistent with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted in 1989, both independently and in collaboration with local project partners, which further strengthen its position.

How it began
Named after the book Terre des Hommes (English: Wind, Sand and Stars) by progressive French writer and WWII pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Terre des Hommes Netherlands was founded in 1965.  The organisation's values are based on his ideas regarding human dignity, responsibility and solidarity. The Swiss Edmond Kaiser chose the ideologies advocated by De Saint-Exupéry as the moral basis for the aid organisation, which was to help children in need all over the world and in 1965, volunteers in the Netherlands also joined in the effort.

Our activities
Terre des Hommes supports over 250 projects worldwide in the area of education, health care and independence. Terre des Hommes' projects are carried out in the following areas:

- South America
- East Africa
- South Asia
- Southeast Asia

International website
Would you like to find out more about Terre des Hommes? Please visit our international website: www.terredeshommesnl.org


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