Wurry Jallow (19) from Gambia made the crossing to Europe two years ago and recently he was issued a study grant by Terre des Hommes to become a dental assistant.

Humanitarian aid / Refugees

"I was extremely happy when I heard I was going to receive the study grant! I started in February, the course takes a year. During this time I also have to pass a language test for the Italian language.

An arduous crossing of the sea

I am the eldest of eleven children and I was born in Gambia. While my parents were working at the marketplace, I used to look after my siblings. Two years ago I left Gambia, looking for a better future. After an arduous crossing of the sea I was supported by Terre des Hommes in Sicily. I have not seen my family for the past two years, but I do get to speak to them a lot on the telephone and through Skype. 

Training for dental assistant

Thanks to Terre des Hommes I first got the chance to train for dental assistant. My mentor was quick to see that I am good at this and that I have a talent for it. She has nominated me for the Terre des Hommes study grant, so I could develop specialisation. She also offered to continue mentoring me during this time. I have big plans for the future; I would really like to return to my country and help our population as Gambia lacks efficient healthcare.

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