Terre des Hommes Netherlands has deliberately opted for a flat organisational structure. Albert Jaap van Santbrink and Irvin Wekking - as two-member management – carry out the daily management of our organisation. They are assisted by a management team. There are currently 32 employees on our payroll in The Hague and 64 local colleagues in three global regions. Some 1,800 indispensable volunteers in the Netherlands support us to make our work happen.




Albert Jaap van Santbrink Terre des Hommes

Albert Jaap van Santbrink

Executive Director

It is our ambition to create a world in which every child is safe and has equal opportunities to development

Liesbeth Zonneveld Terre des Hommes

Liesbeth Zonneveld

Head of Programmes

There is still so much work to do. I have lived in the Middle-East, Africa and Europe, unfortunately child exploitation exists in all parts of the world

Sander Hanenberg Terre des Hommes

Sander Hanenberg

Marketing & Communication Manager

The mission of Terre des Hommes is to stop child exploitation. These are high ambitions, but I strongly believe in this mission