Supervisory board

Terre des Hommes formally separates the activities of the Executive Board from the supervision of the Board, which is carried out by the Supervisory Board. Our Supervisory Board consists of six members. These members receive no remuneration for their work and have no business relations with Terre des Hommes. Through a wide range of expertises, they are of great value to Terre des Hommes.


Maarten Koopman

Maarten Koopman

Managing Partner at DIF

Obviously, there should not be any child labour or child abuse in this world. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world this is not the reality. For 50 years Terre des Hommes has been dedicated to eliminate child exploitation: a goal that I feel very connected to.

Arent van Wassenaer van Catwijck

Audit Commission (Member)
Owner The Faithful Goose

In 1874, Samuel van Houten introduced the ‘Kinderwetje van Van Houten’ (Child law by Van Houten). Until then, child labour, a form of child exploitation, was quite common in the Netherlands. We now live nearly 140 years later and there are still a lot of countries where the situation is just the way it used to be here, or even worse. As a member of the Supervisory Board of Terre des Hommes I am proud to contribute to structural improvement of the living conditions of many children in our world

Pim Oomens

Pim Oomens

Audit Commission (Chairman)
CFO and Executive Board member Stork Technical Services Holding BV.

A better future for vulnerable children in this world without exploitation and abuse should be completely natural. With Terre des Hommes we are committed with great conviction and dedication to give these children free and fair chances for a better world


Renée van Kessel-Hagesteijn

Director MaGW, NWO, Business Director (NIHC)

The effective combination of creating awareness about, providing safety nets and a better perspective to underprivileged children in developing countries makes me very motivated to look over the shoulders of the Terre des Hommes team and, where possible, make my own contribution


bas verheijen

Bas Verheijen

Director Marketing and Format, Blokker

From the moment my children wake up, they have a plan, a goal. "Dad, today I'm going to build a hut, or make a painting." Trying new things makes everyone happy. Elsewhere in the world, children have one and the same goal every day: survival. On plantations, in mines, in prostitution. As long as this inequality exists, Terre des Hommes is needed. I am happy to be able to make a contribution.