Terre des Hommes Ambassadors



Poptrio the 3JS, actress Thekla Reuten, balletdancer Daniel Montero Real, journalist Roelof Hemmen, tv-host Dolores Leeuwin and dancer Brooke Newman are the ambassadors of Terre des Hommes. They use their talents and reputation free of charge to raise the visibility of Terre des Hommes’ work.


3JS ambassadeurs van Terre des Hommes

We have been ambassadors for over two years. In Cambodia and Lebanon we could see for

ourselves how Terre des Hommes makes a difference in children’s lives. We are therefore proud

of being able to contribute.

Thekla Reuten ambassadeur van Terre des Hommes

My parents wrote on my birth announcement card that they had sufficient toys and

clothes for me; those who still wanted to give something were asked to make a donation to Terre

des Hommes. So I literally inherited it from the cradle. For two years, I worked with them to get to

know the organization and to see if this is something for me. Well I’m clear about that: it’s a

perfect fit.

Daniel Montero Real ambassadeur van Terre des Hommes

I think Terre des Hommes’ national and international work towards ending child exploitation is smart and remarkable. Their use of the newest technology into their campaigns is cleverly effective. And even though I just started, I feel very proud to be part of this family.

Roelof Hemmen ambassadeur van Terre des Hommes

I am ambassador because Terre des Hommes protects children against abuse and

exploitation by men on the rich side of the world; wretches who force children with money into

doing things they should not be doing. Sweetie 2.0 allows Terre des Hommes to address an

incredibly major problem.

Brooke Newman ambassadeur van Terre des Hommes

I as a child was fortunate to receive support from nice people around me. But lots of children are not that fortunate. Can you imagine what it’s like for children who are exploited and have no one to rely on? That motivates me to support Terre des Hommes.

Dolores Leeuwin ambassadeur van Terre des Hommes

I am especially touched by Terre des Hommes’ thorough approach. They’re not treating

the symptoms, but they combat the cause. And I am impressed by the passion of the people who

work here. What’s more, Terre des Hommes is about the foundation of everything: children.

Nelson Munyiri aka Nelmo Newsong ambassador of Terre des Hommes

Too many talented youth in Mukuru (Nairobi) are slipping away. I have grown up there, and seen how so many of my agemates have been lost to drug abuse and crime, I want to give them a platform to appreciate and encourage them. I am still benefiting from what I have learned in the Nairobits training, organised by Terre des Hommes Netherlands. Without this training I would not have been where I am today.