When Babes (14) remembers the time she was working as a call girl in front of a webcam, all traumatic experiences resurface. She knows many children who were forced by adults to perform online sexual acts for foreign men.

Sexual exploitation

She was paid from 6 to 20 Euros per performance. While performing, men asked her to take off her clothes and perform all kinds of sexual acts in front of a webcam. One day in November 2013, she panicked hearing the news of webcam child sex tourism being investigated by the police in the area where she worked. Babes decided to sign up with our project partner Forge who helped her to quit her job. She also wanted to get rid of her fears.

Now, thanks to Terre des Hommes, Babes receives psychosocial assistance at the shelter, and gradually she learns how to deal with her experiences. She can now communicate properly with other children and the community. "I want an education to build my own future," says Babes.

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