Cancelling donorship

Thank you for supporting Terre des Hommes Netherlands. Thanks to your contributions, we can execute programmes to stop child exploitation. We are sad to hear you want to cancel your donorship. Terre des Hommes Netherlands depends on contributions from people like you.

Reducing the donation amount

In case you have a financial reason for cancelling your donorship, please remember that any amount is welcome. You can also consider reducing your donation or to lower the frequency of your donations. Every donation gives hope and may save lives! You can inform our Donor service about your changed donation by telephone 070 310 5000. Thank you very much!


  • For €7.50 per quarter, 10 children receive information about the dangers of child trafficking.

  • For €10.00 per month, a child taken from the sex industry can receive vocational training.

  • For €12.00 a victim of sexual exploitation can get legal advice.

  • For €25.00 a child bride receives school materials and a school uniform, so she can return to school.

  • For €75.00 a child receives hairdressing equipment or a sewing machine, so it can get to work after vocational training.


Should you unfortunately decide to indeed cancel your donorship, please call the Donor service: 070 310 5000, so we can immediately take care of it for you. The Donor service staff can be reached on:

  • Monday until Friday from 8:30 until 21:00.

  • Saturday from 10:00 until 15:00.

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