For many around the world, major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics are one big celebration. These events unite people all over the world, adults and children can enjoy together. But there is a downside to these mega sporting events. They affect the poor, local communities and their children in particular. With the international Children Win! campaign - change the rules of major events – Terre des Hommes addresses the social consequences for children from poor communities.

The campaign aims to ensure that children's rights are respected during a mega sporting event so local children can benefit of these events as well. All stakeholders involved in these events should adopt preventive measures to offer these children the protection they need. Child rights should be included in the bidding process of countries that want to organise a World Cup or the Olympics. Find our more abou this campaign on

Through the eyes of a child

In In this serie of short movies South African and Brazilian children tell about their experiences with the World Cup.


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