Cooperating against child exploitation

Terre des Hommes is campaigning to raise awareness for sexual exploitation of children. We perform research to point out trends and developments regarding child exploitation and have them put on the agenda. We monitor and influence decision making by local and national governments, the European Union, businesses and organizations such as the UN. Take a look at our achievements and join us in the fight!


Webcamseks met kinderen op de agenda bij de VN seksuele uitbuiting Terre des Hommes

Sweetie, the virtual, 10-year-old Filippino girl who uncovered online child sex abusers, became world news. Terre des Hommes put the phenomenon of webcam sex with children on the global map. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights placed this new type of child exploitation on the agenda. Just placing it on the agenda, however, is not enough.

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Tweede kamer stemt voor de inzet van Sweetie Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

If it were up to the Dutch House of Representatives, the Dutch police will soon be able to deploy virtual children like ‘Sweetie’ to track down online child sex abusers and bring them to justice. Thanks to intensive lobbying by Terre des Hommes, a majority of the Dutch House of Representatives approved this in December 2016. Some countries already offer more opportunities to deploy detection methods like Sweetie.

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Samenwerken met meer dan 500 bedrijven seksuele uitbuiting Terre des Hommes

Together with Google we train the Thai police how to track down online child sex tourists and together with British oil company Tullow Oil we put an end to child prostitution in the north of Kenya, but we also work with local companies like hotels, bars or tuk-tuk drivers. Over 500 large and small companies have joined us to stop sexual exploitation of children. 

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