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Growing up in poverty

Indonesia has more than 270 million people. One in three inhabitants is a child. Although the country is developing well, ten percent does not have enough money for food, clothing and shelter.

Children from poor families attend school less often and are extra vulnerable to child labour, (sexual) exploitation and child marriages.

We ensure that working children who do not go to school receive further training. We help them to bridge the gap to regular education. We also lobby the government for better protection of children against child labour.

For victims of (online) sexual exploitation or child sex tourism, we work with various partners, the police and the judiciary to stop sexual exploitation and to arrest and convict perpetrators. We also actively combat trafficking in children. Join the fight. Stop the exploitation of children in Indonesia.


Our programmes

Down to Zero

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Child labour in Indonesia

Education for every child

Indonesia has more than 4 million working children. Half of them also go to school. The other half has stopped, or has never seen a school inside. We help children (back) in school.   

Many poor children work to support their families. They work as helpers in the household, rag pickers, in the mining industry, or in the clothing industry.

We make sure that children go to school to be able to find a better job later on and educate parents and communities. We help families to find more or different incomes, to prevent children from being exploited.

In this way, we teach parents to set up savings and credit groups together. For example, they can invest in their own business and improve their income and independence.

We encourage the government to better stand up for children's rights and combat child labour. 

Sexual exploitation

Some 40,000 to 70,000 children are victims of sexual exploitation in Indonesia. Many children are forced into prostitution. Or they are victims of online sexual exploitation or child sex tourism.

In Indonesia we mainly tackle online sexual exploitation of children in the travel and tourism industry. We do this together with various partners through the Down to Zero programme.

The programme helps communities to better protect children against commercial sexual exploitation. Children and young people learn to stand up for their rights. We work together with the tourism industry to combat child exploitation. We also work with the government to improve legislation and regulations for child protection. Together we are extra strong! Join us in the fight against child exploitation!

Child trafficking and unsafe migration in Indonesia

Protection against child trafficking

Child trafficking is common in Indonesia. Children are traded abroad, but also abundantly in the interior. Poverty, cultural norms and lack of education are important causes.  

Children are married off under cultural pressure from their families. Or they are trafficked to work as cheap labour. Young girls are popular commodities for commercial sex.

We provide a safe place for these children. And take a lot of action to bring their situation to the attention of police, lawyers and judges. So that they can better protect children.

In addition, we have extensive contact with the national government and other agencies. To adjust their policies, and to come up with laws against trafficking in human beings. Against child trafficking.  

Our partners in Indonesia

Together with experienced partners we are working towards a world without child exploitation, where young people can feel safe today and better about tomorrow. Join our fight.

Yayasan Embun Pelangi (YEP)

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Surabaya Children Crisis Center (SCCC)

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