Customised partnership

Terre des Hommes receives financial support from a number of business partners. These significant contributions to our programs allow us to take a stand against child exploitation worldwide. Together with you, we like to explore the different possibilities and seek ways to collaborate that provide added value for you and Terre des Hommes, and that fit closely with your brand and mission.

Create a positive brand experience with your customers together with Terre des Hommes, take action together with your employees or consider the different options via more than 40 Terre des Hommes stores throughout the Netherlands. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and make a free, no-obligation appointment.

Examples of partnerships:


mica programma en kuncai

Terre des Hommes works together with Kuncai to ban child labour in the mica industry. In addition to providing financial support for Terre des Hommes’ mica programme, Kuncai also takes decisive measures to prevent child labour within its own chain and encourages others to do the same. Learn more >>