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Your privacy

We highly value your privacy and security. We use a SSL-secured connection. This means your details are encrypted when transferred on the internet and may not be intercepted by third parties. You can always check whether you are logged in through SSL, as you will see a closed padlock in the bottom right of your browser then. 

Use of your details

When you donate to us, subscribe to a (digital) newsletter or sign a petition, we will include your details in our relations file. Of course we will treat these details with confidentiality. We will use these to inform you of our activities and for sending non-binding donation requests. If you object to this, you can notify Terre des Hommes Netherlands, Zoutmanstraat 42-44, 2518GS The Hague, or send an e-mail, including your full address details and your wishes, to service@tdh.nl.

Collection information

We use SEPA authorisations for collecting your (periodic) donation(s). This is the easiest and most cost effective way to collect donated funds. Should you object to a payment, then you can ask your bank to return it within 13 months, or you can contact us through (070) 310 5000. Moreover, you can withdraw a standing authorisation without cause at any time.

Note: because of the new European rules regarding collections, the data is submitted to the banks just over a week before the collection. It is therefore possible, that one more collection takes place after your cancellation. Terre des Hommes Netherlands collects on the 1st Thursday of the month, unless that is a public holiday. In that case, the collection takes place one week later.

Social Media

Terre des Hommes manages online communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube en Instagram. Through these communities we keep you up to date about our work. You are welcome to ask questions and giveus  feedback, but we set up a few rules to make sure that everyone can enjoy participating in these communities:

  • Abusive language, sexist comments, racism or insults are not allowed
  • No commercial activities
  • Infringement of our logo 

Terre des Hommes reserves the right to immediately delete any comments that do not comply with these rules without notice.

If you have any questions, please contact info@tdh.nl

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