Helping more children at no additional cost

Tax regulations in the Netherlands are conducive to donating money to charities. Donations are tax deductible, but there are more ways to donate money to charities with a tax benefit.

Donations are deductible

Donations are always tax-deductible provided they constitute between 1 and 10 percent of your total income. 

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Optimal tax benefit: a periodic donation

Nowadays, it is really easy to make your donations fully deductible from your taxable income. This way, you can help more children at no additional cost. There is no need for a notary. In addition, there is no minimum or maximum contribution to benefit from a maximum tax benefit. Read more >>

Private fund

Establishing your private fund is not only reserved for multinationals and celebrities. You, your family or your company can also establish a private fund in your name and in accordance with your wishes. Read more >>

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