Terre des Hommes prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures that these children can develop themselves in a safe environment. Education and awareness raising, shelter or alternative care and psychosocial support, prosecution of perpetrators and lobby for improved law enforcement are important components of our work.

Our approach

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child forms the basis of our work. With the aim to stop child exploitation in a structural manner, we do not only help victims but also tackle the problem at its roots. Our approach consists of the five P's: Prevention, Provision, Prosecution, Promotion of children's rights and Partnership/Participation. To create a lasting impact we cooperate with local organizations and communities, governments and the private sector to ensure that children are protected and can develop themselves in a safe environment. Read more about our approach and our programmes.

Your foundation

We would like to hear from your foundation and its goals and look forward to discuss with you how Terre des Hommes can help achieve them. Transparency, clear agreements and honest feedback on results and lessons learned are key in our working approach and communication.


Would you like to know more about our approach, a specific programme or the impact of our work, please contact Sander Hanenberg for an open ended discussion. Are you representing a corporate foundation, please have a look at our webpage for corporate partners.


Stichting Dioraphte Terre des Hommes

Stichting Dioraphte supports people who live in (relative) poverty and/or isolation in a number of African countries. For many years, Stichting Dioraphte supported the now financially independent ‘Operation Heartbeat’. Now it supports our work against child trafficking, sexual exploitation and child labour in Ethiopia and Uganda. Learn more


GSRD Foundation Terre des Hommes

With support from the GSRD Foundation, the corporate foundation of G-Star, Terre des Hommes started a number of projects in the field of vocational training and job placement for vulnerable youngsters in Bangladesh, India and Vietnam. The project ‘From prostitute to office manager’ was awarded the ASN Bank World Prize. Learn more