Help for 21.413 children in East-Africa

In 2016, Terre des Hommes Netherlands helped 21,413 children in our four East African focus countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. One in five was a victim of child exploitation: 1,374 children were rescued from child trafficking, 374 children were withdrawn from sexual exploitation, 2,156 were saved from child abuse, and 416 were helped to stop with child labour.

Children's rights

More milestones

  • Provision: 4,320 child victims of exploitation rescued
  • Prevention: 75,216 children at risk and 1,020,558 community members reached with awareness messages
  • Prosecution: 1.411 law enforcers and (local) government officials trained in child rights, child protection and child-friendly interview techniques
  • Promotion: high level debating at the Child Rights in East Africa Symposium, organised by Terre des Hommes Netherlands
  • Partnership: close collaboration with 31 local civil society partners

I am full time back to school and my grades have improved. Thanks to Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ support, I do not have to get involved with men anymore. The need is no longer there. I also do not want to do it anymore

(Ntiro, 17 years old, sexual exploitation victim from Tanzania)



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