Moving home? Give your things a second life!

If you're moving home, you'll have lots of things you don't plan to take with you, but which do deserve a second home. Rabobank and Terre des Hommes are offering a great solution for these items: the 'Tehuisdoos' home box. We are working with Rabobank to ensure that your things find a new home, and we are helping children all over the world to grow up in a safe environment. 

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How do you get a home box?

If you take out a mortgage with Rabobank, you will receive a home box. You fill the home box and take it to a branch of the Rabobank or one of more than 40 Terre des Hommes shops throughout the Netherlands, where second-hand goods are sold. Income from these goods is used to support projects to combat child exploitation. So your things will not just make someone else in the Netherlands happy, you will also be helping children worldwide.

How it works:

  • Fill the box with usable old items that deserve a new home
  • Take the box to a Terre des Hommes shop near you or a branch of Rabobank 
  • The Terre des Hommes shops sell your things, and the money they make goes to projects to combat child exploitation all over the world.
  • And don't forget to share a photo of the homebox on and your own social media with the hashtag #tehuisdoos before you take it in!


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