Humanitarian aid

Every evening ten of thousands of children in Syria go to bed on an empty stomach. Their parents are desperate; they are powerless. The terrible war in this  country has disastrous consequences. Specifically  the youngest children are the victims here.

The war in Syria is the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time. One million children are in  urgent need of nourishing food. A large proportion of these children are already severely malnourished. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women are extremely concerned about the health of their unborn children.

We choose for the children in this conflict. They are the victims of a war created by adults. In order to help the children, we ask for your support.

Terre des Hommes provides emergency relief in Syria. We are able to reach a lot of people, although some areas are still too unsafe to access. Our staff  distribute food parcels, also  in the hard-hit province of Aleppo. Our help is of vital importance.

A lot of money is needed for this life-saving assistance. Please donate and  help the victims of this cruel war.

Photo: AFP 2016/  Khalil Mazraawi 







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