When her grandmother died, fourteen year old Anne from Uganda was all by herself. A lady offered her a well paying job in Kampala, but after a week she found out that she was working in a brothel. There was no escape. She worked there for a year until one day she met a customer that did not want to have sex her.

Sexual exploitation

"As an orphan, I grew up with my grandmother in rural Uganda. When my grandmother died, I was all by myself. I had just finished my primary education. Life became a struggle, and I felt lucky when I met a lady who offered me a well paying job in Kampala. Somewehere in the city, I had to share a room with three other girls. After a week the lady started bringing men which she introduced as my customers. My job was to give them sex. I was shocked. I refused at first, but I had no other option. I was fourteen years old. Each day I would sleep with seven to ten men and earn about 1,30 euro."

I am so happy that I got out of that life which was very embarassing, risky and painful.

Anne from Uganda, 16 years old

"I did the work for over one year. Then I got a customer who did not want to have sex. Instead he asked me why I was in prostitution and if I wanted to stop. We discussed how I could escape from my boss' house. The next day, as my boss was outside looking for customers, I managed to get away. I joined the safe home that my rescuer had told me about. I got psychological help and did a vocational course in tailoring. Currently I am doing an internship. I have started earning my clean money. I am so happy that I got out of that life which was ver embarassing, risky and painful."

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