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Become a partner

Foundations and trusts are key partners in helping Terre des Hommes reach – and better – the lives of vulnerable children worldwide. If you are a foundation, trustee, have contact with a trust or are establishing a trusteeship, we would be grateful to hear from you.

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Join our fight

You too can take a stand against child exploitation worldwide. 

Forced to work, sold, beaten, abused… Millions of children are exploited everywhere. Children’s rights continue to be violated on a massive scale. Terre des Hommes works towards a world without child exploitation. We fight poverty and provide children education, care and protection. We also take actions to engage leaders and the public.

Terre des Hommes has been fighting child exploitation around the world for 55 years. From Europe to Asia, across the Middle East and Africa, we stand up for children’s rights. Why do we do this? Children have a right to it. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child says so.

To achieve tangible results, we work with families, communities and local organisations. All kinds of partnerships enable our work. Join our fight. Partner with us to stop child exploitation.

How you can collaborate

We never work alone. To stop child exploitation, we need partners. We need you. Become a partner and join our existing network including national governments, United Nations agencies, international financial institutions and many other multilateral organisations. Together we advocate for and with children, help countries prioritise their rights and mobilise resources for their protection.

What you can do?

A solid partnership makes a larger impact in the fight against child exploitation. It helps us protect more children, get them to school and better provide for their futures. Participating in a project, supporting our campaigns, bringing other partners on-board, spreading word of our mission, engaging in our social media… All are meaningful ways to collaborate with us.

If you would like to donate right now; please use the bank details displayed below. Help empower our mission! 

Name: Stichting Terre des Hommes
IBAN: NL93 ABNA 0515 9128 83


Learn about our programmes

Tailored to your interests

We recognise that foundations and trusts may have specific interests and objectives. That is why Terre des Hommes tailors its partnerships to fulfil those individual needs too. We help you meet your aims of your foundation or trust while ensuring our collective work achieves long-term, sustainable change for the better.

Foundations and trusts of all sizes can join our mission. Through a joint partnership, we can stop child exploitation.

What a partnership gives you

Terre des Hommes is an experienced partner. We have been fighting child exploitation since 1965. Partnering with us means sharing values with us. This gives us long-term vision to fulfil a long-haul mission. Together, we achieve greater lasting impact.

As a partner, you receive tailored proposals and regular reports about the results of our partnership. Plus, we share our efficient way of working with you. Partnering with Terre des Hommes positions your foundation or trust as a reliable and respectable advocate for child rights.

Our foundation partnerships team is always available to offer tailored advice or more information.

Our work area

Terre des Hommes fights the exploitation of children across Asia, East Africa and Europe.

We regularly work with local partners to get local insights into local problems.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is a member of a network of eight national organisations working closely together. The Terre des Hommes International Foundation. 

Get in touch

Have questions about partnering with us?

Ready to start a partnership or simply explore the possibility of one?

Partnering with Terre des Hommes is easy. Get in touch!

Get in touch!

Arelys Yanez

Manager of Institutional Partnerships

"Every year, about 1 billion children aged 2 to 17 years experience some sort of violence or neglect. I believe we can change the lives of the children we reach through our programmes for the better. Together we can make the difference."

Annual Report 2019

Together we make the difference. A fitting title for our annual report 2019. We are proud of the results we reached this year.

Thanks to intensive cooperation with governments, local partners and donors, we are able to fight child exploitation. We could only do our work for children with the support of our 64,944 donors, more than 1,800 volunteers, 44 shops, sponsors, institutional donors and the National Postcode Lottery.

In the annual report, you can find the highlights and results of our work in 2019.

Corona dossier - our response

Vulnerable children are at risk worldwide due to the corona crisis.They cannot go to school and therefore miss their safe place. Many parents cannot work and poverty is increasing. This makes these children even more vulnerable to exploitation. The consequences are alarming.

The economic stress and disruption to education resulting from the corona outbreak is increasing the cases of abuse, exploitation and violence against children.

Children in the most vulnerable situations are less able to protect themselves from corona. Closure or inaccessibility of basic services for vulnerable children, stigmatization, exploitation and sexual abuse due to school closings are real threats putting in risk those children most in need. 

That is why we are sounding the alarm for these children. They urgently need protection during this difficult time.

Read our corona dossier here

Corona dossier - Our response
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