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A better life for Amin

October 5th, 2020

Syria has been struggling with war for eight years, and for six years Terre des Hommes, through our sister organisation Terre des Hommes Italy, has been in the country to contribute to improving the lives of Syrian families.

Amin's process to recovery

Improving the lives of Syrian children

In 2019 Tdh has responded in Syria in collaboration with 5 other Dutch organisations in what is
called the Syria Joint Response. With support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tdh was
able to distribute food vouchers for 2,400 people, and support 2,500 persons with disability with
protection services, physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

In Rural Damascus, we met with Amin, one of children who benefitted from the physiotherapy
treatment provided by Terre des Hommes. Amin was eight years old when he arrived at the centre,
suffering from a trauma caused by a traffic accident, that made him unable to walk, move his upper
body, and have difficulty with speaking.

In a context like Syria, person with disabilities are often excluded and face specific protection and
psychosocial challenges, becoming therefore the most vulnerable. As children, their needs differ
from those of adults. Without access to services, schools and assistive products like wheelchairs,
many children with disabilities face a very real risk of exclusion, neglect and stigmatization.

That is why Tdh and Amin's family did not lose hope for a moment.

"We insisted on the treatment until Amin responded and started to recover”, they tell us. Slowly but fruitfully Amin was able to use his upper body in fully motor and sensor function, and he also began to balance sitting up without external support. Within 6 months of treatment, Amin was able to stand up and balance himself.

Not long time ago, Amin was able to walk using crutches, and his perception and pronunciation had
improved greatly.

As part of Tdh's work, support was also provided to rehabilitate houses that required customised
devices: 3 electric chairs, 4 chairs for children with cerebral palsy, 6 KAFO fasteners, 3 medical shoes,
medical arch sock, scoliosis device, and splint - for hand were delivered.

Until this day Amin receives his treatment with TDH-IT team so that he can live his life as every child

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