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Breaking the Cycle of Exploitation: Sana's Journey from Forced Labour to Education

May 9th, 2023

Sana's story is one of both tragedy and triumph. Growing up in a small village in India, she faced incredible hardships at a young age. Her family, struggling to make ends meet, relied on her and her siblings to collect mica for income. Despite her young age, Sana worked tirelessly to help support her family, but it wasn't enough. Forced to drop out of school, she found herself trapped in a cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Het verhaal van Sana: van dwangarbeid naar onderwijs

But Sana's story is not just one of hardship; it's also a story of hope. Thanks to the intervention of organisations like Terre des Hommes NL and Plan International, Sana was able to break free from the cycle of abuse and regain control of her life. With access to education, improved crop practices, and livestock rearing, Sana's family was able to lift themselves out of poverty and build a brighter future.

For Sana, this meant returning to school after a gap of three months. With the support of the project, she was able to catch up on missed coursework and prepare for her annual exams. She also became a member of the Nehru Balmanch children's club, where she was able to learn and share with her peers.

But the impact of the project went beyond just Sana's education. With the support of Terre des Hommes NL and Plan International, Sana's family was able to adopt improved crop practices, homestead nutrition gardening, and goat rearing. Sana's mother, Kalawati Devi, was able to earn an income from selling vegetables and matured goats, while her father, Kedar Das, found work as a daily labourer. All three children were able to attend school and were well-prepared for their annual exams. And, perhaps most importantly, the family's income increased by 40%, with expectations of further growth through the sale of matured goats.

Sana's story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that can be achieved when we work together to protect the rights of vulnerable children. Though her early years were marked by hardship and struggle, with the right support and intervention, she was able to break free from the cycle of exploitation and build a brighter future.

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