1.000 children in Bangladesh saved from prostitution

This year a major programme has started in Bangladesh to stop sexual exploitation of children. In the next three and a half years it aims to save at least a thousand children from prostitution and prevent sexual exploitation of these children.

Sexual exploitation / Child prostitution

EU support

The project Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children started on January 1st this year. The project is funded by the European Commission and runs in the cities of Dhaka and Tangail.

Growing up in a brothel

Many children of sex workers grow up in brothels and often they gradually end up in prostitution themselves. In our programme social workers help them and their mothers to create a different, better future, by means of education and finding other sources of income.

Education, vocational training and lobbying  

In Dhaka the programme targets street children who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Education, vocational training, internships and loans are possibilities to earn other forms of income. In this programme we establish youth groups and with the help of these youth we approach other street kids. The youth groups will also lobby with the local authorities for better protection of street children. The strenght of this programme is that the children themselves are the driving force behind change.


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