Another Danish national sentenced thanks to 'Sweetie'

Again, a child abuser has been convicted in Denmark as a result of the 'Sweetie' campaign in 2013. The man, a former policeman, was caught because he was chatting with the virtual girl that helped Terre des Hommes detect a thousand perpetrators of webcam child sex. He was sentenced to sixty days in prison.

Sexual exploitation

It is not the first time the Dane was convicted for abuse. Seven years ago he lost his job as a senior police officer as a result of his arrest, after thirty years of service. The 'Sweetie' research exposed a total of nine Danes. Their data were transmitted to the police in Copenhagen via Interpol. Two of them have now been condemned. Earlier, an Australian and a Belgian were convicted thanks to 'Sweetie'.


Supported by a team of international specialists, Terre des Hommes is developing new methods aimed to discourage, deter and warn offenders of webcam child sex. "Soon, chatbots will enable us to monitor thousands of online chat rooms simultaneously in an entirely automated way, and approach, identify and localise potential child abusers," says Hans Guijt, project manager. This sequel to the successful approach with the virtual girl 'Sweetie' is made possible by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

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