Ban on sex education by TDH partners in Uganda lifted

From now on Terre des Hommes’ partners in Uganda may talk about sexual exploitation in the classroom. To do so, the Ministry of Education provides an exemption from the ban on sex education. Information sessions at schools are important to reach many potential victims of sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation

Terre des Hommes not only helps victims of sexual exploitation, but is also engaged in prevention, to seek avoiding the victimisation of vulnerable children. Education in schools plays an important role in raising awareness about sexual exploitation. But when it comes to raising awareness about that form of exploitation, one inevitably has to talk about sexuality and relationships. For what exactly represents sexual exploitation? Do we only call it sexual exploitation if money is exchanged, or also when presents are received in exchange for sex? *

Ban on sex education in school

Until recently, the possibilities for Terre des Hommes’ partners in Uganda to talk with potential victims of sexual exploitation were limited. The fact is that sex education in schools is officially prohibited in very conservative Uganda, for fear of acquiring customs and traditions that infringe upon Ugandan norms and values. The authorities considered discussing sexual exploitation a form of sex education.

Exception made for Terre des Hommes' partner

But not anymore. After intensively lobbying both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Protecting Families Against HIV/AIDS (PREFA) partner was given the go-ahead by the Ugandan government. PREFA is allowed to bring the sexual exploitation information campaign into schools, thus making it easier to reach groups at risk (like adolescent girls growing up in poverty).

Now let's save the others...

Together with partner organisations and sponsors, Terre des Hommes prevents child exploitation and ensures shelter, care and education for children. It is now much easier to reach vulnerable groups of children with sexual education in Uganda. This is a great result, but we are not there yet. Will you help us?

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*Yes, this is also sexual exploitation

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