British male arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse

Last weekend a British male (50) has been arrested by the Nepalese police, on the suspicion of child sexual abuse and the production and distribution of child pornography on a grand scale. The suspect has been arrested with help of civilian researchers of an organisation set up by NGO Terre des Hommes Netherlands to fight child sex tourism. The person was arrested in a house in Kathmandu, together with two accomplices. Three underaged boys were present during the arrest.

Known since 2014

The suspect came to notice to the local researchers in Nepal in 2014. The research into the suspect took a long time, because he was extremely careful and never stayed at the same location twice.

Earlier arrested for possesion of child pornography

According to the Nepal police, he visited the country 16 times after 2014. The suspect has also been arrested in the UK (most probably early 2017), for the possession of child pornography, according to information from Interpol.

Six minors sexually abused

The person is suspected of sexually abusing at least 6 boys in Nepal , all under the age of 16. The victims were given money and presents, such as coats, bicycles, laptops and mobile phones. The two accomplices, now adults, are former victims of the suspect.

Through our partnerorganisation Terre des Hommes Netherlands provides financial, juridical and psychosocial aid to the victims and their family members.


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