Buy your Saint Nicholas gifts at Dille & Kamille and support Terre des Hommes

Buy your Saint Nicholas gifts and support Terre des Hommes at the same time? You can, right now, at Dille & Kamille. For every wooden toy sold in the week leading up to Saint Nicholas, 1 euro will be donated to Terre des Hommes.

Dille & Kamille has been supporting Terre des Hommes for years

Dille & Kamille and Terre des Hommes have been working together since April 2015. In addition to special promotions in the second-hand shops of Terre des hommes, they also support us with products for these stores.

100th pallet

Recently, the 100th pallet with products from Dille & Kamille was delivered to the Terre des Hommes shops. There, the products ensure an attractive shop, higher turnover and repeat customers.

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