Chicken farm offers safe future to Ethiopian girls

Seven girls from the Ethiopian border town Gende Wuha started a chicken farm with the aid of local Terre des Hommes partner Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD). The girls live in the border area between Ethiopia and Sudan where teenage girls are often working in the sex industry due to poverty. Thanks to the income from the chicken farm, these girls can create a safe, independent future. The young businesswomen are also able to go back to school.

Child trafficking

Gende Wuha is a small town close to the main border crossing between Ethiopia and Sudan. It is the last Ethiopian resting place on the migration route that runs through Sudan to North Africa, with the ultimate goal of reaching Europe or the Middle East. It is also an important international transport route. For children and for teenage girls in particular, growing up in this town poses an extra risk due to the danger of child trafficking and the high volume of demand for cheap labour and sex, more so if the basic needs of these children aren't met at home, due to poverty or lack of knowledge on the part of their parents or carers.

Entrepreneurial skills and resilience 

Seven of these girls have taken matters into their own hands and have established the self-help group Andinet Kutir 2. "We were about to go into sex work or to leave Gende Wuha, just like many of our peers did. Purely a matter of survival, as there was not enough food at home. We hardly ever went to school." The group has followed courses in entrepreneurial skills and resilience with the aid of Terre des Hommes' partner Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD). 

Becoming succesful businesswomen

Thanks to a seed-capital the girls were able to start a chicken farm. Successfully. "We are stronger now. The chicken farm generates enough income for us and our families. In addition to working at the farm, every day we go to school again. Our grades rapidly improved. The chickens have revived our future dreams. We want to finish school and then become successful businesswomen!" 

Now let's save the others...

Children who are vulnerable of exploitation, need protection and support. Together with our partners and donors we tackle child exploitation and prevent children falling victim to child exploitation. These seven girls were helped. Now let's save the others. Will you help us?

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