Child pornography maker sentenced to 5 years in jail in Cambodia

The Dutch Schiphol pastor Nico S. was sentenced in Cambodia to 5 years imprisonment for making child pornography. This happened in April of this year.  Of these 5 years, 3 are conditional. This was reported by our partner organisation in Cambodia which tracked the suspect down in 2017 after he was spotted by an informant.

Nico S was arrested by the police in April 2017 while he was taking photographs of a group of boys he persuaded to pose naked for him in return for a few dollars. It turned out that he had almost 1,300 photographs of boys on his computer and that he had been taking photographs of boys in Cambodia for no less than two years.

Number of victims much higher

It is remarkable that the verdict mentions 22 victims. That is much more than the number of 7 boys that entered the picture immediately after the arrest was made. The sentenced child abuser had to pay compensation of 500 USD to all 22 boys, in addition to his prison sentence.

Our partner organisation's research and the police investigation did not reveal any physical abuse of the boys.

Old-Catholic Church of the Netherlands

The Old-Catholic Church of the Netherlands presented a research report into sexual abuse within its congregation. In this report Nico S also is mentioned as being involved with sexual abuse.

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