Conduct of staff

Recently there has been a lot of commotion due to undesirable behaviour of humanitarian aid workers in Haiti. Terre des Hommes Netherlands is equally shocked by these revelations. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Children's rights

As a child rights organisation that fights every form of child exploitation, we are very alert on excessive behaviour. Towards children in particular, but in fact towards everyone. Inappropriate and undesirable behaviour towards anyone in the countries where we work and towards colleagues or staff of other organisations is not tolerated.

Just like children, everyone has the right to a safe environment. Terre des Hommes Netherlands emphasises to each employee that collegiality, respect and interest in the other are standard morals  and that inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with immediately and accordingly.

Child Safeguarding and Code of Conduct

All Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ employees, whether they are located in the Netherlands or working for our regional and country offices, have to sign our Code of Conduct as well as our Child Safeguarding policy, which constitutes our zero tolerance approach regarding undesirable behaviour towards children.

A Police Clearance Certificate, Certificate of Good Conduct or similar is requested from new employees; in addition, references for new staff are mandatory and always checked. All reports and complaints that are made with us, in any area whatsoever, are investigated and, if necessary, further on reported to external bodies.

Safe working environment

Within Terre des Hommes Netherlands, we try to create a safe working environment in which people have the courage to report possible abuses. We have trusted persons (confidential advisors) whom people can approach with any complaint or report. We also have a whistleblower regulation.

The same commitment and engagement is expected of the partner organisations we work with and who, like Terre des Hommes Netherlands, are dedicated to the well-being of children. Both in the Netherlands and internationally, Terre des Hommes Netherlands states annually all the reports, complaints and issues that have been raised in the previous year.

As a result of the recent revelations, we will once more critically review and reassess our procedures and codes of conduct and will tighten them where necessary.

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