Eight children saved during march against child labour in Uganda

Eight street children were saved during the Journey of Hope, an 18-day walk of 467 kilometres from Uganda’s capital Kampala to Karamoja, the district where most of Kampala’s street children are from. The children were picked up and returned to their families. They also received financial support allowing them to go back to school.

Child trafficking

Street children are victims of child trafficking, as they are lured to the capital under false pretences, where eventually they are forced into child labour (including begging) or sexual exploitation. Terre des Hommes’ partner Dwelling Places mainly organises the march to raise awareness of child trafficking. The fact that they could also help victims during the march is a fortuitous coincidence.

Cities attract children in search for a better life 

Extending urban areas, like Kampala, but also cities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania exert major attraction on migrants, including minors. Children move to these regions in search for a better life, economic opportunities, or simply in the hope of going (back) to school. Unfortunately many children are lured to the cities under false pretences, fine promises that in reality result in child exploitation, because of the ever-growing demand for cheap labour and sex.

Fight against child trafficking in East Africa

Children make up a quarter of all victims of human trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa. In East Africa, Terre des Hommes focuses on the interception and protection of victims of child trafficking and unsafe migration. In addition, we educate parents and communities, and we involve companies (like bus companies) and local authorities in identifying and addressing child trafficking. On a national and regional level we lobby for (better) legislation and enforcement of those laws.

Now let's save the others...

Children who are affected by exploitation need protection and assistance. Together with our partners and sponsors we stop child exploitation. These eight children could be saved. Now let's save the others. Will you help us?

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