Fier trains Terre des Hommes partners in Trauma Healing and Counseling

Thanks to a unique partnership between Fier, an organisation specialised in gender based violence, and Terre des Hommes Netherlands a series of three trainings on Trauma Healing and Counseling are organised in Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

“With Fier working with victims of trafficking in the Netherlands and Terre des Hommes supporting them with reintegration in their country of origin, we have a valuable partnership. This series of trainings for social workers is a perfect example of exchange of knowledge between Fier and Terre des Hommes partner organisations. Each participant takes the techniques and tools back that he or she can use in his or her daily work”,  says Hanneke Oudkerk, Interim Regional Representative Asia.

Improving skills and capacities to help children

Aiming to improve skills and capacities in helping children who have been abused physically and emotionally; children who were victims of sexual exploitation, victims of trafficking and unsafe migration and child labour in hazardously industries, the training introduced a variety of techniques and methods in trauma healing and counseling. For example, the training dealt with how to recognize a traumatised child, how social workers can start the conversation with a traumatised child and how to continue monitoring a child’s condition until (s)he is free from trauma.

The feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive. “This is a very good capacity building training. We have our basic skills but there are some new techniques that will improve our work,” says Elly Setiyani from Gagas Foundation, which is based in Lombok.

Not a one-off event

In each country, the social workers now form a network to help them with their work. They will also stay in touch with the trainers from Fier Fryslan who will help them with particular cases or give general advice when requested. This ensures that the training is not a one-off event, but a continuous effort to strengthen the capacity of Terre des Hommes partner organisations.

“The best thing we learned is that there is a system and techniques that need to be followed. This will improve the healing process of child victims of sexual exploitation,” says Tri Widiyanto from Social Analysis and Research Institute, Solo, Central Java.

Partnership to fight child trafficking

Terre des Hommes and Fier joined forces to fight child trafficking. Together we founded the Centre Child Trafficking Human Trafficking, through which organisations share knowledge and expertise to provide services to victims of trafficking as well as catch perpetrators. This Centre, which opened its doors in October 2014, was funded by the Dutch Nationale Postcode Lotterij Fund.

We also work on a central knowledge database on human trafficking and work together on recovery and reintegration of victims of trafficking.

Read a blog (Dutch) from GZ-psycholoog Wyjanda Walsweer en psychotherapeut Gea Eggink of Fier about their trainings in Asia. 

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