‘General public plays important role in tackling trafficking’

Every day, hundreds of children, young people and adults are exploited in The Netherlands. On Tuesday 21 March 2017, the Centre against Child trafficking and Human trafficking (CKM) starts the awareness campaign ‘Make it visible’ with the aim of raising awareness with the general public about this issue and of countering prejudice. Gert-Jan Segers, the chairman of political group ChristenUnie, and Nathan de Vries, presenter at BNN broadcasting company, with jointly kick off the campaign by entering a specially equipped escape room together.

Child trafficking

‘Human trafficking takes place in all layers of society,’ Frank Noteboom of CKM states. ‘In all types of neighbourhoods, streets and houses. That is something many people do not know. That is what we want to change. The greater number of people know that human trafficking plays a part in our community, the more we can do to tackle it together. Every attentive citizen can see and report and in that way contribute to combating human trafficking. In our campaign ‘Maak het zichtbaar’ (Make it visible) we explain how.


On the special campaign site www.maakthetzichtbaar.nl five young victims of human trafficking recount their personal experiences. Noteboom: ‘They show that everyone can become a victim of exploitation.

Through these stories we aim to remove the prejudice that often exists with regard to victims of human trafficking. For instance, the young girls falling victim to a loverboy. They are often labelled naïve. “It is your own fault”, people say. “You should not have gone with him”. Or: “You could have refused, couldn't you?” That is what we want to work on. Through this campaign we aim to connect victims and the rest of society. We want to break this taboo. The moment society shows more of an understanding, automatically more victims will go public with their stories and dare to ask for help. Now this does not always happen out of shame. We have to work towards a different way of thought: victims are never guilty of the fact they were exploited.’


Important element of the campaign is the escapevan, a caravan converted to an escape room. Visitors to this specially equipped escapevan will be locked up and have to try to escape through various puzzle elements within ten minutes. Noteboom: ‘We want to give people the experience, even if it is only for ten minutes, of how oppressive and threatening it can be when you are trapped.’ In the coming weeks the escapevan will be located in The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Leeuwarden successively. Gert-Jan Segers, chairman of a political group, and presenter Nathan de Vries together will be the first to enter the escapevan and attempt to escape.

Centre against Child trafficking and Human Trafficking

The Centre against Child trafficking and Human trafficking (CKM) was established in 2011 by Fier and Terre des Hommes Netherlands.

The CKM performs research, is lobbying, engages in policy and strategy and campaigns. The CKM is supported by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.



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