Humanitarian aid for 43.000 Rohingya refugees

Humanitarian aid by Terre des Hommes has reached 43,000 Rohingya refugees in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Humanitarian aid

Terre des Hommes has set up a medical clinic as well as a child-friendly space in the Burmapara refugee camp. In the Kutapalong mega camp we built approximately 100 toilets. We also developed food programmes and distributed water purification tablets and hygiene kits in both camps. On top of that we offer vulnerable children and unaccompanied children psychosocial support and ensure that children and their caregivers are well informed about all the assistance and services that are available for children within the refugee camps.

Over 360.000 refugee children

According to the UN, over 630,000 Rohingya have fled the violence in Myanmar since 25 August. They live in degrading conditions in improvised emergency camps where famine looms. Over 360,000 of the refugees are children.

Children left to their own devices

Thousands of children are alone in the camp. Their parents were murdered in Myanmar, or they were separated form their parents because of the panic during the flight. The children are at serious risk. Not only hunger and diseases, but also sexual abuse and child trafficking are lurking in the overcrowded and disorganized camps.

Humanitairian aid and protection against child exploitation

Terre des Hommes takes action to ensure families are provided with clean drinking water and food, and children are protected against exploitation. We protect them against abuse and human traffickers by giving information and by setting up safe, child-friendly spaces.

Now let's save the others…

Major resources are needed to help Rohingya families and their children. We were already able to help 43,000 children and their families. Now let's save the others. Can we count on your support?

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