Majority Dutch parliament supports action against webcamsex with children

A considerable majority in parliament urges the Dutch government to take action against sexual exploitation of children through the internet. Particularly in the Philippines, thousands of children are sexually abused in front of a webcam, commissioned by foreign men who pay substantial amounts for it. This phenomenon, known as cybersex in the Philippines, spreads like an epidemic, the age of its victims getting lower and lower and the violence used against the children becoming increasingly extreme.

Sexual exploitation

The documentary  “Grenzeloos Misbruikt” which was broadcast earlier this month, highlighted the  shocking way children are abused in front of the webcam, how the criminals are arrested and the victims freed, but it also showed that the foreign 'customers' remain difficult, or not possible, to apprehend. Following a hearing with members of the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Justice, the documentary makers Terre des Hommes are urging, together with political parties  PvdA, VVD, SP, Christen Unie and SGP to make it easier to investigate and prosecute these men.

More police on the internet

The political parties asked the Minister to examine the possibility of making the police more visible on the internet, of deploying digital investigative techniques, such as Sweetie, of enabling confiscated computers to be used to trace accomplices and of supporting the Philippine vice squad with funding and expertise.

The abuse of children is atrocious. I want our government  to muster all the resources we have in order to put these child molesters behind bars.

Joel Voordewind, MP Christian Union

Commitment from Minister Koenders

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Koenders together with the Minister of Security and Justice, have already promised to investigate how the Netherlands can help the Philippines to combat webcam sex with minors.  Earlier this week the Public Prosecution Service announced that a delegation shall travel to Asia in December in order to improve the collaboration with local investigation teams and to agree upon new working arrangements.

Terre des Hommes spokesman Hans Guijt: "It appears as though the penny has finally dropped. Everything is now in motion to ensure that this horrific phenomenon of "cyber-sex" will finally get the attention it deserves and needs."

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