Support for 70 victims of sexual exploitation in Indonesia

In Indonesia, 70 children who have fallen victim to webcam sex and child sex tourism have received psychosocial support. This is one of the achievements of Terre des Hommes’ programme to fight sexual exploitation in Asia in the second half of 2016.

Sexual exploitation

Aid workers from Terre des Hommes’ partners on Java and Batam looked after the children. In Indonesia an estimated 40,000 to 70,000 children are victims of sexual exploitation. Approximately 30% of victims of sexual exploitation in Indonesia are under the age of eighteen. Many children are victims of online child sex abuse or child sex tourism, especially in big cities and tourist areas. We train private investigators to track down child abusers and cooperate closely with the police to ensure these criminals are arrested. We look after the victims in a safe environment, provide legal aid, health care, trauma counselling and education. We urge governments to better reinforce national child protection legislation. We work primarily on Java and Batam.

Approach to sexual exploitation in Asia

Commercial sexual exploitation of children, for example through the Internet, is a major problem in Asia affecting thousands of children. This form of exploitation turns young lives completely upside down and causes severe physical and psychosocial health problems, both in the short and in the long term. Together with partner organizations in nine Asian countries, Terre des Hommes fights commercial sexual exploitation of children. The programme supports victims and their families for example by giving them legal aid to bring perpetrators to justice. We also educate communities on the consequences and risks of sexual exploitation. 

In need of more support

Children who have fallen victim to sexual exploitation need protection. Together with partner organizations and our donors, we arrange for shelter, care and education. These children in Indonesia are being taken care of, but there many more that need our help.

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