Sweetie starring on Netflix NL

Sweetie, the virtual girl used by Terre des Hommes to intercept, identify and deter potential perpetrators of webcam child sex, can now be seen in the series Dark Net on Netflix.

Sexual exploitation

Terre des Hommes' Philippine girl that became world news in 2013 and put the phenomenon of webcam child sex on the global map, can now be seen on Netflix. In an episode of the documentary series Dark Net you can see how Sweetie is engaged to track and deter paying viewers of livestream sexshows with children.  

Series about cybercrime

The series scrutinises the most mysterious and dangerous applications in cyber world and the wide range of people that develop and use them. Besides the episode on online child abuse in which Sweetie appears, the series also addresses issues such as hacking, revenge porn, the
production of weapons with 3D printers and the recruitment of extremist terrorists through social media. The series was previously shown in the US at pay TV channel Showtime.   

‘Sweetie 2: stop webcam child sex‘

Sweetie was first used in an investigation which demonstrated the nature and scale of webcam sex involving children in 2013. Together with national and international specialists Terre des Hommes is now developing software which aims to tackle the viewers of these live stream sex shows involving children. Chatbots recognise perpetrators and deter them. The project ‘Sweetie 2.0: stop webcam child sex’ is supported the Nationale Postcode Loterij.

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