Terre des Hommes sends food packages to Aleppo

The battle appears to be over in Aleppo. The last opposition fighters have left the city. But even though the battle has reached its’ end, the emergency is far from over. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are victims of the fighting that has raged in the city for years and they are in urgent need of food, water, shelter, clothing and blankets for the imminent winter.

Humanitarian aid

With the end of the fighting they should finally be able to get help.  But it’s not that easy. Large parts of the city are in ruins, streets and roads are impassable, water, gas and electricity are non existent in many places. If that wasn’t enough there are unexploded bombs, mines or booby traps strewn everywhere. So it's still very difficult to reach the people in these districts with supplies.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees

Everyday hundreds of people leave eastern Aleppo. They join the hundreds of thousands of refugees living  in and around the city. Others move further away to other areas in Syria and some travel in convoys to areas controlled by the rebels. The refugees lack food and water and even when they receive food they are not able to cook their food, because they don’t have access to pots, pans, water and gas.

UN Volunteers register these displaced families so that they can receive help. In western Aleppo medical clinics and hospitals function as best they can under the circumstances;  vaccination programs for refugees have not yet started.

What is Terre des Hommes doing in Aleppo?

In recent months, Terre des Hommes, together with its local partners, has distributed nearly eleven thousand food packages to refugees in Aleppo; 10,858 to be precise. That represents help to more than 54,000 people, including nearly 22,000 children. A package contains enough basic food for a family to live on for six weeks.

The next food transport delivery is underway with ten thousand food packs heading for Aleppo. Transported from Lebanon, it currently stands on the border waiting to be cleared by Syrian customs.

The situation for children in Aleppo

For the remaining children, explosives and mines a great danger. During play, they are all too often the unintended victim of an explosive. In addition, many children have lost their parents or other family members. Up until 15 December were 245 registered unaccompanied children. There are also children who have been disabled during the fighting. They need medical care and counseling. But the largest group of children is the group that needs socio-psychological support, to process everything that they have been through.

Terre des Hommes in Syria 

During the coming days and weeks, Terre des Hommes will determine what they can do in Aleppo, besides handing out food parcels. Meanwhile, our assistance in other regions continues. These include providing psychosocial support for children and families with children, safe and child-friendly spaces for children, assistance to persons disable during the war and donating food aid.

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