Terre des Hommes is working on responsible metal supply chains by signing a metal convenant

Terre des Hommes signs the metal covenant together with other organisations, the government, companies and trade unions. This is an important step towards making mining, trade, processing and recycling responsible. The aim is to reduce abuses in the field of human and children's rights and the environment in the metal sector.

Terre des Hommes actively cooperates with various organisations to stimulate international corporate social responsibility. This multi-stakeholder cooperation takes place through an international CSR covenant for the metal sector, which enables us to contribute to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Why did Terre des Hommes sign the covenant?

Metals are essential for the production of various goods and technologies, and are crucial for the transition to clean and sustainable energy. The aim of the covenant is to reduce abuses in the field of human and children's rights and the environment in the sector. This is important for Terre des Hommes because the mining industry in developing countries has a huge impact on vulnerable children and the communities in which they grow up, and the covenant will make companies in this sector more aware of their exact impact on these communities. 


The implementation of the Covenant will be dedicated to:

  • Providing companies with the necessary knowledge, tools and other means to understand and address potential risks in their supply chain (from mining to recycling),
  • identifying and addressing potential risks in the supply chain of secondary raw materials, and
  • encouraging relevant actors in the metals chain (at national and international level) to respect and act upon the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Convention on Business and Human Rights.

Terre des Hommes calls on all covenants and all our relationships to support our efforts and to work with us on responsible metal chains. We are committed to respecting children's rights throughout the entire value chains, both formal and informal, but also (also on behalf of the Girls Alliance Advocacy) to specifically look at the position (risks and opportunities) of girls in companies. We would like this 'gender lens' to become an integral part of the sector's efforts to implement the covenant.


Interested in participation or more information? Contact the secretariat through metalconvenant(at)ser.nl or visit the website.

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