Art project to show the horror witnessed by Mosul’s children Brian McCarty Terre des Hommes Destination Unknown

Art project to show the horror witnessed by Mosul’s children


Over 900,000 people were forced to flee Mosul after Iraqi forces launched a military campaign to retake the city from Islamic State in October 2016, including many children leaving either with their families or alone. An art project by photographer Brian McCarty shows the horror they witnessed.

Oostenrijker in Nepal gearresteerd voor kindermisbruik dankzij Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting

Austrian man arrested for child sex abuse in Nepal thanks to TDH


An Austrian citizen has been arrested for sexual abuse of children in Nepal. It was Terre des Hommes’ partner organisation that spotted the man already last year when he was walking down the street with children in Kathmandu. A team followed the 46-year-old man for over a year and kept a close eye on him.

Paspoorten van veroordeelde Australische kindermisbruiker ingenomen Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Passports of convicted Australian child sex abuser confiscated


As reported by the Australian Herald Sun, two days before a 61-year old convicted Australian child sex abuser wanted to fly to the Philippines, his two passports were confiscated.

Terre des Hommes steunt Nationale Actie voor Sint Maarten

Terre des Hommes supports national relief campaign for Sint Maarten


Terre des Hommes, as a Giro555-member, supports the national relief campaign to help Sint Maarten. The Caribbean island has been hit hard by hurricane Irma, who destroyed the island last week. The Red Cross organises a day of action today. Terre des Hommes calls for the Dutch community to mobilise.

Philippine police keen to use Sweetie software to stop online child abuse

Philippine police keen to use Sweetie software to stop online child abuse


The National Police and the Department of Justice in the Philipines are keen to adopt the Sweetie 2.0 software to fight the growing demand for webcamsex with children. The Sweetie team visited the Philippines to demonstrate the chatbot software and train several government agencies. 

Europa geen veilige vluchthaven voor vluchtkinderen vluchtkinderen vluchtelingen Terre des Hommes

Europe still not a save haven for refugee children


Europe still struggles greatly to become a safe haven for migrant children who are travelling alone. Ignoring all previous agreements, France sent children back to Italy earlier in the year. Some children are seen as adults and treated as such. Children do not receive separate safe places, but are forced to sleep in the same place as adults they do not know.

 Bangladesh floods Terre des Hommes emergency relief humanitarian aid

TDH provides emergency relief in flooded Bangladesh


Everything is underwater. Drinking water is not available: sinks and toilets are broken so the water is too contaminated to drink. While the Dutch media reports about Americans on boats in the flooded US city of Houston, 88.969 people are marooned in the Kurigram district of Bangladesh.

Klimaatverandering leidt tot kinderuitbuiting Terre des Hommes Kenia Turkana

Climate change leads to child exploitation


Children on the run for the effects of climate change are often forced to do dangerous and humiliating work to survive. This is how climate change indirectly effects child exploitation. That is the conclusion of a Terre des Hommes research into the connection between the two phenomena.

Webcamseks met kinderen steeds gruwelijker Terre des Hommes Filippijnen

Webcam child sex increasingly atrocious


Extensive media coverage is also given to the phenomenon of webcam sex with children in Germany these days. Earlier this month, a 48-year- old German national was arrested for commercial sexual abuse of Philippino children. The Public Prosecutor in Bavaria takes the case seriously and speaks of “the still new phenomenon of Webcam Child Sex Tourism”.

‘IMAGE PLUS’ aims to help 9,000 girls in Bangladesh

‘IMAGE PLUS’ aims to help 9,000 girls in Bangladesh


Followed successful implementation of the project ‘Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE)’, Terre des Hommes Netherlands Bangladesh Country Office and other implementing partners launched a second phase of the project called ‘IMAGE PLUS’.