Een gezin dat Mosul ontvlucht (foto: DRA) Terre des Hommes Noodhulp Irak

Dutch organizations support 170.000 war victims in Iraq


In March the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) started humanitarian operations to assist 170.000 highly vulnerable Iraqi civilians affected by the ongoing military operations in Mosul and the Tigris corridor. Displaced families as well as returnees receive immediate protection support, emergency health care as well as access to safe water and sanitation.

India, Terre des Hommes, kinderarbeid micamijnen

India imposes restraints on child labour


After years of lobbying, also by Terre des Hommes, the Indian government seems to change tack: child labour has to stop.

Google traint Thaise politie om kindermisbruikers op te sporen Down to Zero Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting Thailand

Google trains Thai police how to track child abusers


Google Thailand has trained 45 Thai police officers. They learned how to use the search engine to investigate sexual exploitation of children. This is one of the successes of the partnerships with the private sector of Down to Zero. This is an alliance of Terre des Hommes, several NGO’s and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Monitoring veroordeelde kindermisbruikers schiet tekort Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen Cambodja

Monitoring of convicted child sex offenders lacking


The Cees C. and Bas R. sexual abuse cases demonstrate that the cooperation amongst countries in monitoring convicted child sex offenders is lacking. Countries should exchange information faster and better in order to prevent child abuse.

Het Nationale Ballet biedt donateurs backstage rondleiding aan Daniel Montero Real ambassadeur Terre des Hommes

The Dutch National Ballet offers donors backstage tour


Terre des Hommes Netherlands donors can receive a free backstage tour on Friday 31 March and Wednesday 5 April 2017 if they buy a ticket for the show Onegin by The National Ballet for one of these dates.

De koning ontmoet Sweetie tijdens bezoek aan de The Hague Security Delta Terre des Hommes Sweetie seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Dutch King meets Sweetie during visit to The Hague Security Delta


His Majesty the King of the Netherlands has been introduced to Sweetie 2.0, the chatbot which addresses worldwide webcam sex with children, during a working visit to The Hague Security Delta (HSD).

‘Grote publiek belangrijke rol in aanpak mensenhandel’ #maakhetzichtbaar Centrum Kinderhandel Mensenhandel Terre des Hommes kinderhandel Nederland

‘General public plays important role in tackling trafficking’


Every day, hundreds of children, young people and adults are exploited in The Netherlands. On Tuesday 21 March 2017, the Centre against Child trafficking and Human trafficking (CKM) starts the awareness campaign ‘Make it visible’ with the aim of raising awareness with the general public about this issue and of countering prejudice.

Steeds grotere netwerken achter webcamseks met kinderen

Increasingly large networks behind webcam sex with children


According to the Philippine police, an increasing number of children become victim of webcam child sex tourism. Recent raids on so-called cyberdens prove this. The police uncover increasingly growing networks of families and neighbours who have children perform sex shows in front of the webcam for paying customers, often from Western countries.

270.000 kinderen in Zuid-Soedan ondervoed Terre des Hommes noodhulp Giro555

270.000 undernourished children in South Sudan


In South Sudan, millions of people are at the risk of starvation. It has been estimated that at least 270,000 children in the country are undernourished. Terre des Hommes takes action to prevent children and their families from starving to death.

Terre des Hommes stelt interim directeur aan Terre des Hommes Carel Kok

Terre des Hommes appoints interim director


Due to protracted illness of Albert Jaap van Santbrink, the Supervisory Board appointed Carel Kok as interim director of Terre des Hommes this week.