International premiere of documentary ‘Children of the Webcam’ Terre des Hommes webcamseks met kinderen

International premiere of documentary ‘Children of the Webcam’


Today the documentary ‘Children of the Webcam’ will be shown in Manila, capital of the Philippines, to an audience of no less than six hundred men. The documentary about online sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines was established in close cooperation with Terre des Hommes. The public today consists mainly of employees of the Philippine police, civil servants and journalists.

'Europe, your decisions concern life or death'.  A letter of 156 ngo's to Europe Terre des Hommes Vluchtelingen

'Europe, your decisions concern life or death'


'Europe, your decisions concern life and death. Show leadership and show that you stand for the rights and values, which are ​the founding principles of the European Union for over 60 years.' That's the message of a letter on behalf of 156 NGOs, including Terre des Hommes.

Giro555 start actie Help Slachtoffers Hongersnood Terre des Hommes noodhulp Zuid-Soedan

Giro555 launches help famine victims campaign


Today, the Cooperating Aid Organizations (Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties) announce a national campaign for famine victims in Yemen, north-eastern Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan. In total, 20 million people are suffering from serious malnutrition in these and neighbouring countries. In South Sudan alone, 100,000 people are living on the brink of starvation.

Bangladesh wil kindhuwelijken in ‘bijzondere gevallen’ weer toestaan Terre des Hommes Wahid Adnan Kindbruiden

Bangladesh to Allow ‘Special Cases’ in Child Marriage Law Face Criticism


The parliament in Bangladesh has been criticsed by civil society for allowing child marriages  in 'special cases'. The law allows girls under the age of 18 to marry. This is a major setback in the fight against child marriages in the country.

OC includes human rights in host city contract Olympic Games Terre des Hommes Children's Rights

IOC includes human rights in host city contract Olympic Games


The move by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to incorporate human rights principles in its Host City Contract could help prevent major abuses by future Olympic hosts, says the Sport and Rights Alliance (SRA) of which Terre des Hommes is a member.

Philippines wants prison sentences for children from the age of 9


In the Philippines a bill has been submitted to lower the minimum punishable age for children from 15 to 9 years old. The proposal comes from allies of President Duterte.

Terre des Hommes child sex tourism Cambodia

Dutch child abuser in Cambodia finally sentenced to 5 years in prison


The Dutch child abuser Bas R. has been sentenced to five years in prison in Cambodia. He was found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor and possession of child pornography. Since 2013 Terre des Hommes has helped, together with partner organization APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants), to gather evidence and to speed up the arrest and conviction.

Herinnering: meer dan de helft van de vluchtelingen is kind Noodhulp voor kinderen Terre des Hommes

Remember: more than half the refugees are children


With the increasing anger of the US President Trump about the suspension of the entry ban for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries and the PVV (Party for Freedom) high in the polls in the Netherlands it is once again necessary to point out that more than fifty percent of the refugees are children and they are entitled to protection.

Terre des Hommes teams up with industry to fight child labour in mica mines in India

20 founding members join forces in the Responsible Mica Initiative


20 founding members across industries and NGOs have decided to team up in a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming at scaling up concrete solutions to eradicate child labour and unacceptable working conditions in the Indian mica supply chain.

Terre des Hommes kinderarbeid mica India

Dutch parliament approves declaration of resposible sourcing with respect to child labour


Companies must ensure that no child labour occurs throughout their production chain. The House of Representatives voted yesterday to enforce a compulsory declaration of responsible sourcing with respect to child labour for all businesses. Labour MP Roelof van Laar submitted the private member’s bill to combat child labour used in products and services sold throughout the Netherlands.