Terre des Hommes to crack down on loverboys and customers in NL


Terre des Hommes is incorporating The Netherlands as a country of focus in its fight against the sexual exploitation of children. The project ‘WATCH Nederland’, beginning on the 5th of September, will concentrate on tackling loverboys and their customers and on the issue of grooming; the sexual abuse of minors over the internet.

Nederlandse kindermisbruiker opnieuw vast in Cambodja Kindermisbruik Terre des Hommes

Dutch child abuser arrested again in Cambodia


On July 30th 42-year-old Bas R. was arrested again in Cambodia. The Dutchman is suspected of abusing children. Together with partner organisation APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants), Terre des Hommes has previously helped to gather evidence to speed up his arrest and conviction.

Recommendations to IOC for better protection children during the Olympic Games

Recommendations to IOC for better protection children during Olympics

Today, Terre des Hommes and  Amnesty International, on behalf of an alliance of NGOs, sports organisations and associations, have presented a list of recommendations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to prevent violations of children’ s rights during the Olympic Games in 2024.

Time to Look at Girls research: Adolescent Girls’ Migration in Ethiopia

Are migrating girls more than passive victims?


Girls who have migrated are mainly seen as victims of forced displacement or trafficking - which does happen. Yet research in which Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ partners participated has found that the majority of Ethiopian migrant girls took the decision to leave themselves - sometimes even without consulting their parents.

Tanzania: Legal provision that allows girls to marry at 14 is unconstitutional

Tanzania: Legal provision that allows girls to marry at 14 unconstitutional


An important legal milestone in the fight against child marriage in Tanzania: the High Court has ruled that the legal age for girls to marry should be increased to 18 years, consistent with the legal minimum age for boys to get married. In the ruling, the Tanzanian Government has been given one year to rectify the discriminating provision in the Marriage Act.

Kenyan national commemoration of the Day of the African Child 2016 in Lodwar, Turkana

Celebrating the Day of the African Child


Marking the Day of the African Child, every year on 16 June events are organised across the African continent to promote children’s rights. In the whole East African region, Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ partners are organising and participating in mostly local Day of the African Child events.

Duitse kindersekstoerist opgepakt dankzij detectives van Project WATCH Terre des Hommes Nepal

Project Watch detectives help arrest German Child sex tourist


An investigation by the Project WATCH team in Nepal has again resulted in an arrest. In Pokhara, Nepal, a 52-year old German has been arrested on suspicion of abusing a 15-year old boy. The man was known to German police, but was free to travel to Nepal without any problem at all.

Education is important in preventing and rescuing children from child labour

3,032 Children withdrawn from child labour in East Africa


In East Africa, Terre des Hommes Netherlands has successfully withdrawn 3,032 children from child labour exploitation during 2015. Of these child labourers, 780 were working in mines and 751 were employed as child domestic workers. Furthermore, 8,229 vulnerable children have been prevented from becoming trapped in the worst forms of child labour.

Twee mannen op Schiphol opgepakt wegens webcamseks met kinderen Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Two Dutchmen arrested at schiphol airport for webcamsex with children


Last week at Schiphol Airport two Dutchmen (57 and 59) were arrested on suspicion of online child abuse and child sex tourism. The men were about to leave to Thailand.

Bedrijven te laks met kinderarbeid in mica-producten Terre des Hommes

Laxity of industry on child labour in mica products


Dutch consumers can not trust that mica-containing cable, paint and cosmetics are child-labour free. Children's aid organisation Terre des Hommes Netherlands has investigated the entire production chain of the shiny mineral, from the largely illegal mining in India to the Dutch shop shelves.