Photographer Marieke van de Velden visited two shelters for victims of sexual exploitation in Thailand for Down to Zero. You can see her touching photographs as of 20 November at Humanity House in The Hague.

Newspaper Trouw covers human trafficking extensively


The number of child victims of sexual exploitation is estimated at one thousand three hundred a year. However, this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Terre des Hommes and four other organisations have fought this type of abuse in the Coalition against Sexual Child exploitation since 2016.

Child pornography maker sentenced to 5 years in jail in Cambodia


The Dutch Schiphol pastor Nico S. was sentenced in Cambodia to 5 years imprisonment for making child pornography. This happened in April of this year.  Of these 5 years, 3 are conditional. This was reported by our partner organisation in Cambodia which tracked the suspect down in 2017 after he was spotted by an informant.

Young human rights defenders speaking out at the United Nations

Mellicentia and Himanshu. She is from Sierra Leone, he from India. They are both child rights defenders. Mellicentia is 17 years old and has already performed at a variety of events across Sierra Leone to lobby and advocate for girls rights. Himanshu is 15 years old and works within his community towards protecting children against sexual exploitation.

Onderwijs aan Syrische kinderen in Libanon

Large number of Syrian children don't attend school


Only half of the 4 million children in Syria will return to school this month. Also 700,000 Syrian children that fled to surrounding countries will not receive education. This was reported by UNICEF.

Dozens of Dutch tourists report child exploitation

A few dozen Dutch travellers have reported about sexual exploitation of children this year. During last summer alone, 22 reports about child abuse were received by, the contact point managed by Terre des Hommes and Defence for Children.

Resultaat 2017: meer dan 6 miljoen kinderen in 67 landen wereldwijd geholpen

Result 2017: over six million children helped in 67 countries worldwide

In 2017, we helped over six million children in 67 countries worldwide. Read the annual report 2017 of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation.

Two French men arrested on the suspicion of sexually abuse in Nepal

Two French men arrested on the suspicion of sexual abuse in Nepal


The Nepalese police have arrested two French men (38 and 42 ) in Kathmandu, on the suspicion of having sexually abused several boys aged 10 to 14 years old.

Collaboration in combat sexual exploitation of children in Indonesia

Collaboration to combat sexual exploitation of children in Indonesia


In Indonesia, a country with more than 17,000 islands and over 300 ethnic groups, the collaboration at national and local level is crucial to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

Research on industrial use of materials not complete

Research on industrial use of materials not complete


Last week a research report initiated by the electronics and car industries was published, in which the industrial importance of 37 materials was researched, along with the impact on environmental and social issues. Terre des Hommes welcomes this research, but concludes that it insufficiently makes use of existing sources and data of the industries themselves.