Kinderarbeid garnalenindustrie Thailand

Children's hands peeling shrimps for European market


In the Thai shrimp industry, children are exploited on a large scale. The children work in factories, where they make long days for little money with peeling and sorting of shrimps, as research shows that children's aid organisation Terre des Hommes will present on World Day Against Child Labour. A significant part of the production is destined for consumption in the European Union.

Sweetie veroordeling in België Terre des Hommes webcamseks met kinderen

First conviction for child abuse in Belgium thanks to ‘Sweetie’


For the first time, a Belgian citizen has been convicted for webcam sex with children thanks to the virtual girl Sweetie. The Belgian police was able to identify and arrest a 22-year-old child abuser because he had been chatting with the virtual girl who had been created by Terre des Hommes in 2013.