Kippenfokkerij biedt Ethiopische meisjes veilige toekomst kinderhandel Afrika Terre des Hommes

Chicken farm offers safe future to Ethiopian girls


Seven girls from the Ethiopian border town Gende Wuha started a chicken farm with the aid of local Terre des Hommes partner Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD). The girls live in the border area between Ethiopia and Sudan where teenage girls are often working in the sex industry due to poverty.

Kenia: Forse toename seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen door droogte Terre des Hommes Giro555

Kenya: Increase in sexual exploitation of children due to drought


Since the beginning of this year, there has been a marked increase in the number of children (mainly young girls) that are being sexually exploited in Lodwar, Turkana’s capital. It is estimated that the number of victims has increased from 50 to 500.

Watch Nepal pakt seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen door toeristen aan Terre des Hommes

Watch Nepal tackles sexual exploitation of children by tourists


Together with four local partners in Kathmandu, Terre des Hommes wants to tackle sexual exploitation of Nepalese children by tourists and other travellers.

43.000 Rohingya vluchtelingen geholpen vluchtkinderen Bangladesh Myanmar Terre des Hommes noodhulp

Humanitarian aid for 43.000 Rohingya refugees


Humanitarian aid by Terre des Hommes has reached 43,000 Rohingya refugees in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Eerste Kamer, zeg nee tegen kinderarbeid Terre des Hommes

Senate: Say no to child labour


Children have made many of the products in Dutch shops. Even the worst forms of child labour (involving heavy, hazardous and unhealthy labour) can be found in products, such as food, clothing, electronics and cosmetics. Child labour does not disappear by itself, as is demonstrated by the latest counts of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Acht kinderen gered tijdens mars tegen kinderhandel in Oeganda Terre des Hommes kinderuitbuiting

Eight children saved during march against child labour in Uganda


Eight street children were saved during the Journey of Hope, an 18-day walk of 467 kilometres from Uganda’s capital Kampala to Karamoja, the district where most of Kampala’s street children are from. The children were picked up and returned to their families. They also received financial support allowing them to go back to school.

Schrijnende omstandigheden voor vluchtkinderen op de Griekse eilanden

Dire conditions for refugee children on Greek islands


There are currently over 15,000 people housed in refugee camps on the Greek islands, including more than 5,000 children. These children live in unsafe and dangerous conditions.

Diverse Coalition to Establish Centre for Sport & Human Rights in 2018 Children Win! Terre des Hommes

Diverse Coalition to Establish Centre for Sport & Human Rights in 2018


An unprecedented coalition of sports bodies, intergovernmental organisations, governments, athletes, hosts, sponsors, broadcasters, civil society representatives, trade unions, employers, and national human rights institutions have today unveiled plans to establish an independent Centre for Sport & Human Rights in 2018. Terre des Hommes is one of the stakeholders supporting this initiative

 Koop uw Sint-cadeaus bij Dille & Kamille en steun Terre des Hommes

Buy your Saint Nicholas gifts at Dille & Kamille and support Terre des Hommes


Buy your Saint Nicholas gifts and support Terre des Hommes at the same time? You can, right now, at Dille & Kamille. For every wooden toy sold in the week leading up to Saint Nicholas, 1 euro will be donated to Terre des Hommes.

870 kindarbeiders ontdekt in Oeganda Terre des Hommes

870 child labourers discovered in Oeganda


In a study in two districts in Uganda, Terre des Hommes found 870 child labourers. Many of the children work in dangerous gold mines. With information sessions to local leaders, parents and children, Terre des Hommes is fighting against child labour in the districts. With result, the local authorities take their responsibility.