870 kindarbeiders ontdekt in Oeganda Terre des Hommes

870 child labourers discovered in Oeganda


In a study in two districts in Uganda, Terre des Hommes found 870 child labourers. Many of the children work in dangerous gold mines. With information sessions to local leaders, parents and children, Terre des Hommes is fighting against child labour in the districts. With result, the local authorities take their responsibility.

Maak kans op een Tony Chocolonely regenboog pakket Terre des Hommes tweedehands winkels kringloopwinkels

Win a Tony Chocolonely rainbow pack


Visit our second-hand stores and gain a chance to win a Tony Chocolonely rainbow pack, until the 13th of December.

28 jaar erkenning voor kinderrechten Terre des Hommes Internationale Dag vande  rechten van het Kind

28 years of recognition for children's rights


On November 20, the International Day of the Rights of the Child celebrates its 28th anniversary. This treaty, which was adopted by the United Nations in 1989, has now been signed by almost every country in the world.

India Terre des Hommes kinderarbeid Sustainable Standards Conference

TDH puts child rights on agenda international sustainability conference


Terre des Hommes succeeded on putting child rights on the agenda of a high level international sustainability conference in India. Today, on the third day of the Sustainability Standards: International Dialogue & Conference (ISS), Terre des Hommes is co-hosting a session on business and children’s rights.

Terre des Hommes Giro555 Kenia Droogte

Humanitarian aid for one million children


Six months after the Giro555 ‘Help famine victims’ campaign, over 64% of the more than € 35 million has been spent. The remainder will be spent on emergency aid within a year from the campaign. Most of the money went to the 20 million people in need of aid in South Sudan, northeastern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. Part of the proceeds is used for aid to neighbouring countries.

India: Geen trouwkaarten meer voor kindhuwelijken

India: No more wedding cards for child marriages


10 printers in the Karnataka region of India have decided to stop printing wedding cards for families that want to marry off their child. From now on, they will ask the parents for a birth-certificate or an official document that indicates the child's age.

Terre des Hommes tackelt kindersekstoerist in Nepal seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Terre des Hommes tackles child sex tourist in Nepal


The Dutch child sex tourist Henk K. (75) was arrested in Nepal for abusing minors. He was caught red-handed with four children in a guesthouse in Kotheswor.

Sweetie 2.0 genomineerd voor prestigieuze rechtshandhaving innovatieprijs

Sweetie 2.0 nominated for prestigious law enforcement award


Sweetie 2.0, the software that allows to track down, identify and deter customers of online webcam sex shows with children, has been nominated for the 2017 Mr. Gonsalves prize. The prize is awarded every two years to individuals or organisations that have made a significant contribution to the renewal of law enforcement within the Netherlands.

Sweetie nu ook op Netflix Terre des Hommes webcamseks met kinderen

Sweetie starring on Netflix NL


Sweetie, the virtual girl used by Terre des Hommes to intercept, identify and deter potential perpetrators of webcam child sex, can now be seen in the series Dark Net on Netflix.

Onderzoek: Veel kinderhandel voor huishoudelijk werk in Tanzania Terre des Hommes

Research: Domestic work in Tanzania often induces child trafficking


In Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city, Terre des Hommes has examined the background of hundreds of children who work here as domestic slaves. The children they found are not only all victims of child labour, but also of child trafficking. Domestic work, often involuntarily, is one of the main reasons for child trafficking from the countryside to the city.