Ban op seksuele voorlichting opgeheven voor TDH partners in Oeganda

Ban on sex education by TDH partners in Uganda lifted


From now on Terre des Hommes’ partners in Uganda may talk about sexual exploitation in the classroom. To do so, the Ministry of Education provides an exemption from the ban on sex education. Information sessions at schools are important to reach many potential victims of sexual exploitation.

Nederland moet webcrawlers inzetten tegen online seksueel misbruik van kinderen

The Netherlands should deploy web crawlers in the fight against online child sex abuse


The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CCCP) and Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children, Corinne Dettmeijer, recommend for the Dutch police to use web crawlers. Their recommendation is based on research investigating the experiences of victims of child pornography.

Ambassadeur Jan Dulles bezoekt vluchtkinderen in Libanon Terre des Hommes vluchtkinderen

Ambassador Jan Dulles visits refugee children in Libanon


Terre des Hommes ambassador Jan Dulles of pop trio 3JS travelled to Lebanon to visit the project 'Back to the Future'. Today he described his journey in the Dutch TV programme 'Koffietijd'. 


Dille & Kamille verstrekt 100ste pallet aan Terre des Hommes tweedehands winkels kringloopwinkels

Dille & Kamille provides Terre des Hommes with 100th pallet


And suddenly it is there. The hundredth pallet already. The cooperation between Dille & Kamille and Terre des Hommes started in April 2015 and since then dozens of pallets with Dille & Kamille products have gone to the Terre des Hommes shops. These products sold like hot cakes and not only meant a higher turnover, but also more job satisfaction and happy and returning customers.

Sweetie aanwezig bij Cyber Security Week Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Sweetie present during Cyber Security Week


Terre des Hommes’ Sweetie team is present during the Cyber Security Week that starts today. The week revolves around cyber security and the fight against cybercrime. In The Hague in the Netherlands, IT experts, scientists and public authorities share their knowledge. In The Hague Security Delta (HSD) the Sweetie team gives a presentation on the development of the Sweetie 2.0 software.

Strijd tegen kinderarbeid gaat te langzaam Terre des Hommes

The fight against child labour is too slow


152 million children worldwide are still working. The number of child labourers is decreasing, however, the pace at which it decreases is too slow. In this way it will not be feasible to eliminate child labour across the world by 2025. And this is what the United Nations have agreed to in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Art project to show the horror witnessed by Mosul’s children Brian McCarty Terre des Hommes Destination Unknown

Art project to show the horror witnessed by Mosul’s children


Over 900,000 people were forced to flee Mosul after Iraqi forces launched a military campaign to retake the city from Islamic State in October 2016, including many children leaving either with their families or alone. An art project by photographer Brian McCarty shows the horror they witnessed.

Oostenrijker in Nepal gearresteerd voor kindermisbruik dankzij Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting

Austrian man arrested for child sex abuse in Nepal thanks to TDH


An Austrian citizen has been arrested for sexual abuse of children in Nepal. It was Terre des Hommes’ partner organisation that spotted the man already last year when he was walking down the street with children in Kathmandu. A team followed the 46-year-old man for over a year and kept a close eye on him.

Paspoorten van veroordeelde Australische kindermisbruiker ingenomen Terre des Hommes seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen

Passports of convicted Australian child sex abuser confiscated


As reported by the Australian Herald Sun, two days before a 61-year old convicted Australian child sex abuser wanted to fly to the Philippines, his two passports were confiscated.

Terre des Hommes steunt Nationale Actie voor Sint Maarten

Terre des Hommes supports national relief campaign for Sint Maarten


Terre des Hommes, as a Giro555-member, supports the national relief campaign to help Sint Maarten. The Caribbean island has been hit hard by hurricane Irma, who destroyed the island last week. The Red Cross organises a day of action today. Terre des Hommes calls for the Dutch community to mobilise.