Baseline research report: The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Child Vulnerability in Mtwara region, Tanzania


As part of our Creating New Futures 2014 - 2016 programme to strengthen local formal and informal child protection systems, Terre des Hommes Netherlands has engaged the National Institute for Medical Research to conduct a research on child vulnerability in Mtwara region, Tanzania, in light of the ongoing gas exploration in that same region.

This research focuses on two main components:

  • A contextual analysis of the current child vulnerability situation in Mtwara.
  • A risk assessment of the influence of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on child vulnerability in Mtwara.

The report offers baseline information for each district in Mtwara. As such, the report can serve to support the national and local government of Tanzania, the private sector, civil society organisations and other stakeholders in planning their service provision for children in Mtwara, and (in the coming years) in monitoring the effects of FDI on child vulnerability, to ensure the exploration of gas will not negatively affect the well-being of Mtwara's children.

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