Training local authorities to prevent Child Exploitation in Cambodia
Sexual exploitation
Through the cooperation with our local partners in Cambodia, last March, a large group of highly vulnerable children and families were identified in four communes located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.
To tackle this situation, 27 officers from the Cambodian Ministry of Interior Committee, Council for Women and Children (CCWC), and district and village chiefs from these communes attended a training to detect, act and protect Child Sexual Exploitation cases in Travelling and Tourism. Offender identification, detection of exploitation signs, child-friendly response, and case studies were discussed using a participatory methodology.
Lack of awareness in communities lead vulnerable groups such as ethnic or religious minorities and migrants being more exposed to suffer child exploitation from travellers. Perpetrators usually take advantage of children in communes were poverty and limited education lead potentially to school dropout, drug consumption and domestic violence, issues that were reported to our partner who identified six child victims of Sexual Exploitation through travellers in these four communes.
Terre des Hommes Netherlands projects follow our “4P strategy”. We tackle Child Exploitation through Prosecution, seeking justice for child victims, Providing services for children, Promoting children’s rights and Preventing Child Abuse in the communities.
As a part of our prevention strategy, we empower and mobilise communities to become agents of change. Through regular trainings like these, we’re strengthening their capacity and Child Protection mechanisms in a sustainable manner.
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