Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world. Eduardo Galeano.
Sexual exploitation
Terre des Hommes Netherlands and its partners have many committed businesspersons supporting our projects. This is the case of Ruffy, one of the most relevant champions advocating to stop all forms of abuse and exploitation against children in Ormoc City, in the Philippines.
During the International Day of a Girl and as a part of the #FightToProtect and #NotForSale campaign of the Girls Advocacy Alliance Program led by Terre des Hommes, Ruffy gave a one-day orientation on Children’s Rights, Gender Sensitivity, and Gender Based Violence.
Ruffy is a well-known martial arts instructor, owner of the Ogmok Mixed Martial Arts Center where he shares his talent and resources with his pupils to empower girls and tackle gender discrimination through sport. Furthermore, Ruffy provides free admission of those girls willing to be empowered through martial arts.
For Terre des Hommes Netherlands, having the support of the private sector actors, as Ruffy, is key to extend our work among local communities and expand our advocacy network.
Committed businessperson have a huge influence on other business and local communities. This is why people like Ruffy are helping us to extend our work to support disadvantaged children.
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